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Are you struggling with changes in your life due to a loss? Loss is something that we all experience and it can come to us in a variety of forms. - Loss of a loved one due to death. - Loss of career, chosen or not. - Ending of a Relationship or Divorce - Death of a pet. ​All of these can be a challenge to navigate through. Often times just having someone to walk along side us can make the process easier. Life Coaching could be the answer for you. It is all about assessing the situation or problem. Finding out what the obstacles are that are holding you back from overcoming them or moving forward. Together coming up with a goal so that you are able to progress and move on. Life Coaching does not work through just the problem areas in your life. It can be used at any time through transition or to work towards better defined goals. Sound like what you are looking for or in need of?

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