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Anxiety & Depression

If you are feeling anxious, experience erratic moods, are feeling withdrawn from others, struggle with depression, or are generally just having a rough patch in life, your mental and emotional health may be in jeopardy. Choose a mental health professional to get help.

Therapists & Counselors

Therapy provides us with a better understanding of how different factors impact thought, perception, and behaviors and it gives us a peek inside the inner-workings of the brain. Find an experienced psychologist, counselor or therapist to try the benefits of therapy.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Think you can’t OM your way to inner peace? Think again! Meditation is a proven tool to reduce stress, improve clarity, calm the body and mind, and boost overall health. Find your meditation teacher near you to learn how to meditate and reach a blissful state of mind.

Self-Effacency & Self-Love

Harnessing self-efficacy and self-love are key steps in living a healthy, happy life. With some patience, practice, and commitment you can focus your energy and efforts towards the people and experiences that matter most. Being aware of your thoughts, responses, and reactions helps you to make better choices. Find a professional who will guide and mentor to your personal success.

Life Coaching

Coaching can help you to break your negative belief patterns, act more decisively, and set clear goals towards achieving what you want from life. Compare to therapy where focus is more on healing from the past, coaching practices are more about getting you to where you wish to be next and tend to focus more on "here and now" or your future life.

Eating Disorders

An unhealthy preoccupation with food and body weight may be a sign of an eating disorder. These disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder, plague at least 30 million people of all ages and genders. They can not only greatly disrupt a person’s overall life and health but can be life-threatening. If you are suffering with an eating disorder, find a specialist to treat this issues.

Professionals Recently Joined

Counselling Psychologist/ Psychotherapist
 Unnati Agrawal

Counselling Psychologist/ Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist, LMSW
 Violetta Terzi

Psychotherapist, LMSW

Lori is a highly skilled provider and exudes warmth and care as she uses her skills to provide high quality care.
 Lori Gieseler

Lori is a highly skilled provider and exudes warmth and care as she uses her skills to provide high quality care.

A safe space to talk about what matters most
 Jesse Strigler, LMHC

A safe space to talk about what matters most

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