What is Meditation: Why Everyone Else is Doing It and Why You Should, Too

What is meditation?

Is it an over-hyped spiritual or religious ritual? What exactly happens when you close your eyes and meditate? Should I be meditating?

Meditation is a simple technique to achieve mental clarity, emotional stability, concentration, and focus. Although many religious organizations use meditation in their practices and rituals, it has no connection to any religion, so you are free to decide how you want to meditate.

Maybe you think meditation is about emptying your mind or becoming a different person. Actually, it’s about learning to observe our thoughts and emotions, and achieving greater clarity into our subconscious. The root of many mental health issues comes from our internal critic, who subconsciously influences our decisions and the direction of our life. Through meditation, you can learn how to observe this internal critic rather than just being influenced by it. This clarity will allow you to understand yourself better and give you the ability to make better decisions and change the trajectory of your life.

How To Meditate

There are many ways to meditate, but the core technique is very simple:

  1. Choose a comfortable position (for many, it’s sitting or laying down. You can cross your legs if you like)
  2. Close your eyes, or look at something that won’t distract you
  3. Stay still, even if you really want to move
  4. Focus on breathing through your nose


That’s it, you are meditating! If you are a beginner, your mind will soon start to wander, and you will get lost in a tidal-wave of thoughts. This is the most challenging part for most people. We will talk about how to work through this in a moment, but I just want to remind you that excellence in any field takes practice, and greatness starts with routine. meditative you practice every day for at least 10-15 minutes, you will soon begin to experience the long-term benefits of meditation.

3 Common Challenges

Most beginners run into a few bumps when they’re first trying to meditate. Luckily, recognizing and understanding a barrier often helps you overcome it. The most common challenges are falling asleep, inability to stop thinking, or uncontrollable urges to move during meditation.

Falling Asleep

If you easily fall asleep during meditation, try to sit on a chair or cross your legs. A famous teacher of meditation said that the origin of the famous lotus pose was just simple logic: it’s  easier to stay alert when you are sitting cross-legged, and it is also one of the most comfortable, since you balance by sitting with your back straight. Some people are more comfortable if they elevate their hips by sitting on a meditation pillow. If the cross-legged position looks and feels like torture, start by trying it for short periods of time. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable in a cross-legged position when you first start, but after a few days of practice, you will feel much more comfortable. 

Too Many Thoughts

If you feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts rushing into your head when you try to mediation… the key is don’t try to stop thinking. Instead, let the thoughts pass by like clouds in the sky on a sunny day. And as the thoughts pass by, concentrate on breathing. You will probably be surprised when your overloaded mind becomes crystal clear. 

Uncomfortable Meditation Posture

Part of the meditation technique is staying still, but sometimes pain, discomfort, itching, sneezing, or coughing distracts you. It seems like as soon as you get settled, your body gets a restless urge to move or adjust your posture. Resist for a few minutes while concentrating on breathing and the urge to move will fade over time. Use the meditation pillow and cover yourself with a blanket – a cozy and comfortable meditation place may deepen your practice. 

When Will I See Results?

You will start to notice the results of meditation after one to two months of meditating once a day. To reach a deeper stage of meditation, you will need to practice twice a day for at least 10 minutes for a month. Don’t worry about pushing yourself too hard to reach this level. As you begin meditating regularly, you will become enthralled in this ecstatic process., and find yourself meditating more often as you see the positive benefits in your life.

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