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Georgie Whatmore, NBC-HWC

Let's be real- being a millennial has it's challenges! Yes, we grew up with the internet and lucked out with never having to really put that dewey decimal system in the library to use, but that doesn't mean we haven't run into issues that are specific to our generation! Prior generation had a societal 'roadmap' for life- a timeline- a way to do things. That traditional timeline and road map has been thrown out granting our generation incredible freedoms and liberties. Sometimes with this incredible freedom to choose how/what/when we do things in life comes issues we do not have the skills to cope or take on alone. This is where I come in! Whether you are looking to regain a sense of control in life or relationships or to reach your next level of growth- I am here to help you find your compass to forge your own life roadmap. For Therapy: Please contact me at Georgie.W@SunstoneCounseling.com

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